Padayani season is from December to April. Padayani date is calculated using either the Thithis in Malayalam month or the date. Padayani season starts with the Choottuvaypu in Thelliyoorkkavu and the curtain falls with Kadammanitta Padayani. Neelamperoor Padayani, which is entirely different from the Main Padayani is in the malayalam month Chingam.


Thelliyoorkavu Devi Temple

2014 December 20 to 25

December 22 Monday Chooral Adavi,

Dec 25 Thursday  Valiyapadeni

Kurampala Puthenkavil Bhagavathi Temple

2016 February - March


Kunnamthanam Devi Temple

2015 April 14 to 20

April 20 Valiya Padayani


Kadammanitta  Devi Temple

2015 April 14 to 23 

Choottu vaypu April 14

Adavi April 19,  Valiya PadayaniApril 21

Pakal Padayani April 23