Padayani Training Centres (Kalari)

Kurampala Gothrakala International Padayani Foundation

It is a training centre for various folk and ritualistic art forms. Kurampala Gothrakala Sangham Started in 2014 is later registered in 2016.  Gothrakala sangham members of this kalari play key roles in Kurampala Padayani. Padayani items like Kolamthullal, Kolappattu, Kolam Making, Thappumelam, Vinodam (satire) etc. are well taught here. Velakali, etc. are also trained here properly, Kalari performs Padayani throughout Kerala. It was Sri. Pandalam Narayana Pillai Aasan who made remarkable efforts to popularise this unique ritual art among young generation and kept the flame of this uncomparable folk culture without going extnguished.

Gothra Kala Peedam, Kunnamthanam

 The very existence of Gothra Kala Peedom its objectives and tasks at hand are oriented towards the sustenance and promotion of age-old temple rituals of Kerala like the Padayani, Kalamezhuth, Mudiyettu and other rituals. These ritual art forms, unlike many other art forms of Kerala receive the whole-hearted involvement of the local people, which makes them stand apart.

Among the activities of the Gothra Kala Peedom are its efforts to promote projects involving Padayani and also of other ritual art forms of Kerala; to provide training in Padayani ; training and promotion of tribal art forms; to assist research works on the history of Padayani ; and to implement welfare programmes for Padayani artistes

Gothra Kala Kalari, Kadammanitta

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham, Puthukkulangara

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham, Njaliyil

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham, Kadalimangalam

Bhairavi Padayani Sangham, Kadalimangalam

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham, Eraviperoor

Ambikavilasam Padayani Sangham, Porittikkavu

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham, Thelliyoorkkavu

Sreedevi Padayani Sangham, Kuriyannoor

Devi Vilasam Padayani Kalasangham, Naranganam

Sreedevi Padayani Sangham, Kidangannoor

Sreedevi Padayani Sangham, Elanthoor